Word of mouth

Those days we had a lot “word of mouth” we would like to thanks all websites blogs forums who are reviewing Teapotters beta site, the list is too long to be published. Find here the major quote. thx to all again.


“Through Teapotters, artists have the ability to share their material as long as it’s not used for commercial purposes. This is the first website I’ve come across that lets users share real time 3D elements.” more


“it’s surely a pointer to the future of the Web, when 3D technologies and widgets displaying them will be commonplace in social networks.” more


“Teapotters is that rare discovery. It’s your standard run of the mill community, however just knowing that it revolves around 3D work is unique in itself.” (…) “Teapotters was a nice fork in the road on the endless avenue of mundane social networks that are blanketing the internet like the plague” more


“After all, having hours of work stored away on your hard disk and no one with which to share it isn’t exactly a winning combination. Uploading your design(s) up to Teapotters would be a logical step to get your stuff noticed.” more


“Finally, A Social Networking Site that is Different from the Rest…” more

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