3DVIA Solution Network


The 3DVIA Solution Network offer direct access to integrated content, products and services to maximize productivity, helping you develop and bring your application out to the world. We work together with software, hardware and service companies around the world to complement and enhance the solutions from 3DVIA. The 3DVIA Solution Network program makes it easer for 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes users to incorporate industry-leading middleware and tools into their product offerings.

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Content Providers

Dosch Design
Offering computer graphics products for 3D design, advertising, print publishing, architectural visualizations, animation, motion design and multimedia presentations.www.doschdesign.com
Your one-stop-shop for a home as stylish as you are. Find inspiring interior design ideas and the best furniture, accessories and homeware from 1000s of US shops, all in one place.www.mydeco.com
We make Avatars transportable. The Evolver Avatar Engine: Design Once,Deliver Anywhere, Anytime in 2D or 3D.www.evolver.com
ShaderFarm Ltd.
Shaderfarm Premium library a powerful, realistic, yet easy to use material library for selected 3DVIA products. Shaderfarm Premium library is the fastest way for great visual quality and impact for manufacturing, product marketing, showrooms & web real-time 3d content.www.shaderfarm.com
Rocketbox Libraries
Prefab 3d characters, animals and animations in AAA quality for licensing. Rocketbox is also available for challenging custom jobs, with specialization in animated real-time characters.www.rocketbox-libraries.com
Mixamo is an online 3D character animation service for anyone looking to create high-quality animations. Whether you’re a 3D professional or not, we’ve got you covered.www.mixamo.com

Technology Providers

For over 2 decades Okino has been the pioneer and primary provider of professional 3D conversion software for the production markets. Okino’s ‘PolyTrans|CAD+DCC Pro Translation Software’ provides robust and error free conversion from all 3D MCAD, DCC/Animation, Skinning/Skeleton/Bones and VisSim 3D programs into 3DVIA applications..www.okino.com

Service Providers

Specializes in real-time 3D projects with a strong programming background in 3DVIA technology. JUDIVA has provided its expertise and development services on PC, Mac, PSP and Wii projects. Clients include Procter & Gamble, EADS, Dassault Systèmes, Disney Interactive, PSA and Konami.www.judiva.com
Zoink Games
Based in Gothenburg, Sweden – Zoink Games is a full-service game development studio specializing in innovative and highly creative original IPs. Founded by Klaus Lyngeled, formerly of Shiny Entertainment (Messiah, Wild9, Enter the Matrix and Slam Tilt)www.zoinkgames.com
Cutting edge expertise for consulting, software and 3D application development. Tavae has a core expertise in 3D and has worked on projects with the gaming industry as well as more traditional business, on virtual worlds or simulation.www.tavae.com
ForceStone Co. Ltd.
ForceStone a 3D production and consultancy company – serve through heart changing content! Real-time 3D Content Design and creation with 3DVIA Virtools and 3DVIA Studio including animation and still production. Our consulting services: Direction of 3D animation, Technical Direction, Visual Quality guarantee, Custom Tool development.www.forcestone.com
Octarina is a creative agency focusing on the conception and development of innovative projects. Using intuitive experience as our driving and shaping force, Octarina proposes imaginative solutions with purposeful expertise allied to cutting-edge technologies such as immersive 3D, augmented reality and new human interactive devices such as gesture control, all outfitted for both online and offline deployment.www.octarina.com